New Normal.


To create your new normal. Even if your new normal changes next week. To evaluate what you want to keep and what you want to rid your tomorrows of. The challenge this week is less than straight forward. It is a focus on developing the new you.

This challenge is lifelong.

Over the past month we have certainly had many changes. With change brings challenge. We have been refining what is important to us. What brings us clarity and comfort.

Defining your new normal is unique. That is the fun part. Right?

Is being cooped up inside, not knowing the future, or living frivolously fun? That would be a unanimous no in our home. I plan. We show up early and well prepared. I never thought that I would be making life decisions within days. However, having the opportunity to cultivate our new norm has been rather interesting.

When a secure job was no longer fully secure, we were frightened. We learned to be teachers. Who knew teaching was so exhausting. (shout out to you teachers!) The evening hours are the hardest time for our kids to focus. Understandably, they too are exhausted.

We then met furlough with a hard slap in the face. Puzzled. I am laid off. Words I never thought I would say.

We have had the opportunity to evaluate and reevaluate. For lack of scheduled activity we reevaluated our purpose and our means over and over again. Why are we here. What is our purpose. We keep coming back to mental peace, physical health, and financial prosperity but perhaps in a new light.

Searching for calm in the panic. Praying for physical health for our families, community, and selfishly ourselves. To overcome financial burdens.

Our New Normal.

How did we create our new normal. We focused on what was important. No truly what was important. What brings light to our souls on the darkest of days.

We focused on the present. Not what we wished was happening. Not what might happen but rather what was happening at this very moment.

Yes, the hustle was at one point important. The quick ‘buzz’ of a job well done felt good. Accomplished. Responsible. Needed.

As our world was turned upside down our lens of what was important slowly came into focus. It was the smile on our children’s face. The smell of coffee. Watching our child fall down and get back up to try again. Our eyes would have otherwise been focused on our next accomplishment (or the latest instagram post).

Peace. We found peace in our connectedness. Our time together has sewn a stronger bond. We played outside from sun up to sun down. My heart was at peace.

Health. We prayed for physical health for our family and our community. That science would help our country. We prayed even more for the mental health of the world around us. Yes, for our own mental health as well.

Prosperity. To make ends meet financially even when our jobs are not secure. The world has been hit financially. May we prosper, stay fed. More importantly help our neighbor proper as well.

We are now okay with boring. Boring has made our imagination come to life. Our new normal perhaps has more purpose than our old. More intention. More presence.

What part of your new routine are you most excited for? What are you hoping to hold on to?

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