Stay Calm.

Among a world of disarray and even panic our heart yearns to stay calm. Even when we do not have all of the answers; our hearts search for peace. We search for the moment that we feel that everything is going to be all right.

How do we do this? How do we not become consumed in a state of panic?   

As we practice social distancing we recognize a sense of urgency and, to some, even despair. As we close major tourist attractions and cancel sporting events it’s hard to control the natural ‘fight or flight’ mechanism inside of us. I mean, it’s only natural to feel this way when we are concerned about life or death.

For others, recognizing that even though we may be young and healthy our interaction with others could be deadly if we happen to be a vector for the quickly spreading COVID-19.

Now more than ever mental peace is needed to logically implement the necessary protocols. Fear is contagious but so is staying calm. We get to choose what we want to portray.

This week we are encouraging you to challenge yourself to stay calm and we are here to practice this with you!


We are going to focus on ways to help our mentality stay calm, yet sharp. To be prepared, but not panic. Below we will give you some quick tips that have helped us out and may be helpful for you.

Ways to Stay Calm.

1.) Communication

Focus on staying informed. Knowing and accepting the facts can help settle our minds. I recommend following recommendations from CDC or WHO. Also, it can be helpful to find a good route of communication between you and your local agencies as well.  Know who to call and what protocol you should follow if you needed to seek local care or if an emergency arose.

2.) Limit Your Social Media

In somewhat opposition to communication, I recommend that you limit your time on social media and even watching the news. Constantly having this concern repeated only heightens stress hormones. Give yourself specific times each day that you will check in with your preferred routes of communication.

3.) Continue a Routine

For some, you have had major changes of working from home or even staying home with children with school cancelled. Try keeping a routine the best you can. Get up at the same time. Eat your meals at the same time. Try go to bed as you normally would. We are creatures of habit so continuing this can keep our mind at ease.

4.) Stay Active

Just because you may be staying home all day does not mean you should cut out all activity.  Try getting up and moving at least every hour. Jumping jacks, running in place, push-up contest. Whatever it may be try keep your body moving and don’t forget the hydration.

5.) Try Relaxation Techniques

When you are feeling more jittery or want to cut back on thoughts try basic relaxation techniques. A simple google  or pinterest search will provide an array of ideas but here are a few of our favorites below.

  •             Deep breathing : 4 seconds in through your nose and 4 seconds out through your mouth.
  •             Brain dump: Write down everything that is concerning you. Cross off anything that you do not have control over (and let it go). For what is left write down what you can do to improve or resolve this.
  •             Take a bath: Ahh a good soak is good for the soul.
  •             Practice gratitude: Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day. Check out our prior blog post on this.

We also found this blog post which has a lot of good calming techniques.

6.) Connect with Those Around You

With the family/friends you are home with play games, do crafts, talk! These are your people. You can get through anything together, a little distraction can go a long way too. There is no better time to build those bonds up than now. Facetime your family, friends, those you care about.

7.) Help Your Neighbor

Find ways to help those around you. Rome was not built in a day and it certainly was not built alone. While being cautious with social distancing do what you can to help your neighbors (really everyone) out and share your toilet paper! Share your trade. Even just share your smile! Knowing you are doing your part can help our minds feel that we are part of the solution and not part of the problem.


We typically like to focus on our challenge for awhile before sending it out to everyone. However, we find that now more than ever prioritizing our mental peace is necessary. We have full confidence that our first responders, health care workers, and everyone involved will break down any barriers to return back to our ‘normalcy’.

We are eager to update this as circumstances change. These are suggestions and tips that I am hopeful will help put your mind at ease. We are also eager to hear what has been working well for you!

What have you been doing to stay calm and push through the COVID19 pandemic?  

Check out the CDC to learn more about COVID19, a strain of Coronavirus.

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