Meal Plan.

There is nothing more chaotic then coming home trying to whip something up for supper when you know the countdown to suppertime meltdown is about to hit. Reaching level hangry is never enjoyable!

I can also not handle throwing away perfectly good groceries after they had gone bad.  I see dollar signs going out the window.

This week we focused on meal planning. Not only to keep our sanity at suppertime but also to add savings to our grocery budget.

We are likely long behind times with this but we seriously plan zero of our meals. Shout out to all of you that are already doing this!

We live in very rural America and have few places to dine out and we will typically eat out of the house maybe once a week, most weeks not at all. Therefore I feel like I am spending money grabbing random foods as we go through the grocery store. Trying to wrangle my children and saying yes too many times to  “Mom, can we get this!”

Has anyone ever gotten home from the grocery store and you still hear “We have nothing to eat” Gaahh. Therefore, I think my rationale for being more prompt in the grocery store and kitchen is warranted.

Challenge: Meal Planning

Plan out meals for the week and do your grocery shopping strictly based off of this. Try incorporating foods you already have at home! (Avoid allowing your food to spoil and save yourself some money by decreasing waste!) Do not grocery shop hungry! If you are a super hero and are already doing this, try work on nutrition content and cost discounts.

This week we sat down and planned out all of our meals. We are working on reinventing our current meal options to make them more nutritious but for now focusing on decreasing waste and decreasing stress at dinnertime.

We let the kids each pick out one dinner for the week, which they loved.

Our dinner menu: spaghetti, walleye, chicken wild rice soup, sloppy joes, roast (Our kiddos eat breakfast at school, on the weekends we have a tradition of pancakes on Saturday…EVERY Saturday)

Leftovers are packed for lunch the following day. It works great!


We were fed, which means we were happy. We definitely saw the decreased stress as we knew what was on the docket for supper that night. We were able to be fed and off to the next event in life without trouble.

Thankfully, we do not have picky eaters at our house so whatever is made typically goes. We were able to pack leftovers for lunch.

From a grocery run standpoint, we clearly saved money. Nothing was thrown out this week and that was a victory. Therefore, should we continue this? Absolutely!

Sitting down to meal plan and grocery run before the week starts was a definite positive for us! After we have conquered this routine we will work on what we are putting in our mouth. One thing at a time! We try eat organic when we can and are hoping to incorporate more of this.

Do you meal plan? What are your favorite meals to make?

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