Grow Something.

Growing up on a farm, my heart warms when plants grow. Unfortunately, the green thumb of my family members was not necessarily passed down to me!

This challenge is to regain the appreciation for all things grown. Whether you decide to grow some herbs, get a new houseplant, or start an outdoor garden. My hope is that watching your plant grow will bring you joy and maybe even some free fresh veggies!

The fun part about growing a plant is that it needs care. It need just enough water, but not too much. Some need more than others. It needs sunshine but pray for no hail. Some days you want wind and others you don’t.

As the plant grows, you begin to see it strengthen. It can now handle more variable weather.  It can now produce seed and nourish others.

This is the same for our souls. We need appropriate nourishment, we need love, and we need to be weathered. Through the weather we learn to grow stronger.

Challenge: Grow something

This week I want you to start growing something. No, this will not blossom overnight. But as you walk past your new houseplant, herb box or freshly planted tree realize that just like that plant you to are growing and weathering the storms of life.


Even in the middle of winter, we headed to our local nursery to pick out a few houseplants. My daughter was able to see that choosing the right pot, the right plant for each location in our house was impactful on the plants health.

We welcomed 2 plants to our house today.  We were told that one of the plants could grow in a basement so we are hopeful we can keep this alive in our living room!

Let me tell you the added green brightens up our space! Each time we water these plants we will remember that just as the plant needs nourishment; so do we.  We will remember that the weather (hardship) makes us stronger. And to remember, that we are here to nourish others as well.  Here’s to growth, to becoming stronger and to nurture a giving hand.  


Up next, a garden this Spring.  

Do you feel that plants bring us happiness?

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