Every mind is different. Every heart beats faster by different triggers. Therefore one person’s recipe for happiness is different than the next. We are here to find what works for us and challenge you to find what works for you.

Each week we will focus on a weekly challenge and determine if incorporating this into our lives long-term would be beneficial. We encourage you to do the same.

We are excited to grow with you!

Challenge: Gratitude

It’s often easy to list the things that are going wrong in our lives. It’s even easier to make a list of things we want or think we need.

I mean come on; look at all of the new gizmos and gadgets out there what’s not to want.  My personal favorite: shoes, shoes, and more shoes. When you live in a climate with four seasons it seems like such a necessity to constantly feel the urge to update your wardrobe to fit the next season. BUT, it is truly necessary?

This week we will challenged ourselves to daily gratitude. We have previously implemented the ‘3 good things’ exercise into our lives and we were eager to bring it back!

Your challenge is to think of 3 good things that happened today.  They don’t have to be big things. Really anything that made you feel happy, hopeful, grateful!

Think of how you played a role in why these things happened.

Keep a document of this. It is great for reflection down the road.

Now, for the next 6 days I want you to do the same thing.


Challenge complete. Bottom line: we LOVED this!

Will we be trying to incorporate this more often; yes, yes, yes!

We had so much fun sitting down and talking about our days and what brought us happiness each day. Some people swear that gratitude is a key component to happiness and today, I would have to agree. Even on the busiest of work days it was calming to realized that there really were good moments and even how we were able to spark some!

This was even a great challenge for our kiddos to get in on too. It made my heart happy to hear my 6 year old talk about her day. Even if she didn’t fully grasp the concept I think this was a WIN!

Our latest day of gratitude from our 6 year old:

1) That her cousin was able to spend the day with us. (Ugh, how happy I am that my children get to grow up making great memories with their cousins even if we feel like we live in a circus some days)

2) That she was able to try out our brand new outdoor ice rink in the backyard (that my husband has been working away on for the last week with his “ oh this will only take a few hours” project)

3) That she got to eat pizza rolls for supper (yes, we will work on this later!)

We are excited to incorporate this long term. It you are looking for a gratitude journal check out this one on Amazon. You can definitely just use a notebook or even your computer too.

What do you guys think. Did you love this as much as we did?

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